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    Compliment of the season,!!! NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE IMPOUNDED CARS FOR 2017/2018 AUCTION INTERESTED BUYERS SHOULD KINDLY CONTACT THE OFFICE ON (08162541073)RECRUITMENT FORM IS #15,500 REPLACEMENT #20,500 THOSE ARE THE VEHICLES ON SALES NOW: If Your Choice is Not Listed below Make A Request E:G GOLF 1, 2, 3,4 ,5=N150,000 to=N 450,000. Volk Swagen Passat=N400,000. Volk Swagen Beetle=N350,000. Volk Swagen Golf=N250,000 Volk Swag en Jetta=N500,000. Volk Swagen Toureg=N450,000. Toyota Camry Big Daddy=N450,000. Toyota Camry Tiny-Light=N350,000. Toyota Avenza =N750,000. Toyota Hilux=N600,000. Toyota Avensis=N500,000. Toyota Camry=N 550,000 Toyota Avalon=N550,000. Toyota Rav4=N700,000. Toyota Sienna=N400,000. Toyota 4Runner=N750,000. Toyota Tundra=N900,000 Toyota Fj Cruisser=N750,000 Toyota Tacoma=N550,000. Toyota picnic=N450,000. Toyota Highlander=N8500,000. Toyota Corolla=N550,000. Toyota Prado ,1m. Toyota LandCruisser=1m Toyota Yaris=N500.000. Toyota Matrix=N450,000. Toyota Haice Bus=N600,000 Toyota Sequoia=N700,000. Acura MDX =N1.2m Nissan products Peugeot406 =450,000. Peugeot407 =500,000. Peugeot607=450,000. Lexus Rx330=N600,000. Lexus Gx460=N1.2m Lesus Rx300= N500,000 Lexus Rx330=N600,000 Mercedes Benz G`Class=N650,000. Class=800,000. Mercedes Benz GLK=1m TRUCKS LIKE , VOLVO, MAN AND MERCEDES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.! ALL VEHICLE ENGINE ARE IN GOOD CONDITIONS? CALL CUSTOM Shola on(08162541073)

    URL : http://www.auction .com


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